Narodne revolucije 60/a, Banatsko Novo Selo

About us


CORONA IMPEX was founded in 2009, since when we have been actively engaged in the production of PVC hoses and profiles. With a wide range of our products, from single-layer garden hoses, through reinforced to spiral hoses, we have become an ideal partner for those who are looking for a complete range of PVC hoses in one supplier.

  • High quality products
  • First-class and fast delivery
  • Commitment to customers
  • Technological innovation


For the production of our products we use the highest quality materials from the most famous European companies.

All employees of CORONA IMPEX doo are constantly working on further development and expansion of the range of products and services, so that they meet the latest technical standards and market requirements, all in order to remain for existing business partners and become a reliable partner for the future.

We invite you to join our distribution network and to achieve your business goal with the top quality of our products, affordable prices and excellent partnership conditions.




  • Vagres hoses
  • Reinforced PVC hoses PE 20/60 bar
  • Garden hoses
  • Suction and discharge hoses
  • Siphon hoses
  • Condensate hose air conditioner 
  • outer casing
  • Soft PVC seals
  • Various plastic profiles